CDE Program on Dental Implantology

Venue: Kallancherry Retreat, Kumbalanghi, Kochi Date: 23rd May 2010

On the 23rd of May, Sunday, IDA Kochi hosted an inter-branch CDE at Kallancherry Retreat in Kumbalanghi, Kochi. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The number of delegates for the workshop was restricted to 60. Delegates who participated in the programme were given 6 credit points based on guidelines issued by the Kerala Dental Council.

Prof.Mani took an introductory course in Dental Implantology, a rapidly growing branch of dentistry. The classes on Single Piece Implants, the redefining frontiers of Dental Implantology, were taken by Drs. Prasanth Pillai and Prem Nanda. The topic Two-Piece Implantology - the current concepts and advancements were taken by Dr Srikanth Mallan. A video session about the two-piece and single piece implants also performed afternoon.

Dr Prem Nanda inaugurates the official website of, and Dr Alias Thomas, former President of IDA Kerala State, receives the first IhdeDental Implant Kit. M/s Dentacare, Pune, is the program's sponsor.