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  • Yes, the courses offered by the International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany.

  • We use the Strategic Implant (Simpladent Implant concept for basal implantology) founded by the eminent Periodontist – Implantologist, Prof. Stefan Ihde. He has developed this novel system of implantology after extensive research and studies of more than 20 years. Visit Dental Implant Centre for more information about Simpladent.

  • Conventional implantology with 2-stage implants requires plenty of bone supply, time and money. In many cases, patients do not possess bone in adequate quantity, resulting in the need for bone augmentation, sinus lift surgery, or risky bone transplants. The entire treatment course is characterized by waiting periods, healing time and high costs. This is where the distinct advantages of Simpladent implantology become apparent. The method is swift, reliable and predictable. Even patients with very low bone supply can receive immediate treatment with polished single piece, cortical-basal implants.

  • The Courses are being taught by Certified Masters Of Immediate Loading Implantology from International Implant Foundation, Munich, Germany. This team include Prosthodontists, periodontists, Oro-Maxillofacial Surgeons and dentists. Read more on the faculty page of this website.

  • Our first program was in 2008. We have conducted 20 workshops in the past 11 years, ending 2020, and trained over 600 Indian and foreign dentists. Read the page Previous workshops for more details.

  • All of our faculty Speak fluent English, and our medium of instruction is English.

  • This course is for doctors who are interested in incorporating dental implants into their practice, whether they currently place them or they would like to learn. We welcome students with varying levels of prior knowledge.

  • We teach the fundamentals of implantology, starting from the basic terminologies all the way to the surgical procedure and prosthetic management of patients, case selection and treatment planning. Students require at least a bachelors degree in dentistry and will be able to perform implant procedures towards the end of the course.

  • The Courses are offered twice a year. The courses are scheduled so that a sufficient number of Implant Cases are made available for each Course. Information about the next course will be available on the website as soon as one course is completed.

  • Course registration information is available on our "Next Workshop" menu, as well as on the courses page. You can register online by clicking the "Register now" button. For further information, you can speak with our Dental Implant Course Coordinator Dr Bobby Antony. He will provide all the information you need for registration and will take your financial information over the phone.

  • Workshop on Crestal Series of Strategic Implants includes two full days of continuing education content (16 hours of CE total), and IF Workshop on Immediate Loading Implantology includes 4 days of continuing education content (32 hours of CE total). Additionally, participants are provided with course literature and hands-on training exercises. Lunch and snacks will also be provided during the workshop days. All participants are entitled to receive a certificate from the International Implant Foundation, Germany.

  • We offer the "Introductory Lecture to Immediate Loading Implantology", the 1-hour duration program with interaction, as both an online and offline course. The online course is offered as a live stream and as a pre-recorded online video course. Our other workshops have practical sessions, and hence they are not offered as online classes.

  • Participants are requested to make their own arrangement for accommodation near the Venue, view our local hotel recommendation on each continuum page. The hotel booking sites like Oyorooms, Booking dot com, Tripadvisor, Make My trip, Trivago, Hotels dot com etc may help you to find accommodation within your budget. If you need help in finding accommodation, please let us know in advance.

  • Throughout the duration of the course, we provide all instruments from our inventory. We guide you in designing your inventory and selecting a good implant system. The participants who wish to buy the instruments, equipment and implants are also offered assistance.

  • There will be a live surgery on each day of the course that all of the participants get to observe. Live surgery is a true teaching surgical environment, and you a chance to get up close, observe and ask any questions that may come up during the procedure. We understand there is no better way to learn than to do it yourself, so post-training, we encourage doctors to take advantage of our In-Office Mentoring program and schedule a few implant cases with their own patients, in the comfort of their own offices.

  • Yes. These workshops are designed to teach students everything from the very basics of implant dentistry to some of the more advanced procedures. Although each dentist’s skill level is unique to them, our faculties leave our courses very confident to place dental implants in their offices. We advise all doctors to use caution when implementing new procedures and techniques into their practice. As with any new procedure, you will want to select your cases carefully, which is covered in detail during the course. Selecting the right cases allows you to concentrate on your newly acquired skills and helps build confidence. We recommend continuing your attendance in learning programs, hands-on training, and clinical observations.

  • Yes, In case you face any difficulties in case selection, treatment planning, complications using clinical or radiographic diagnostic data, implant placement or their prosthetic management, we can guide you via phone, email or video conferencing. You can also take advantage of our In-office Mentoring program by scheduling our training doctor to come to your office during your first few surgeries and assist you during the surgery, or step in and help perform the surgery if needed.

  • In this program, you can schedule our training faculty to complete procedures in your office under your billing, providing an alternative to referring patients out the door.

  • We believe learning is a life-long process. We provide the latest technology updates to our alumni and also provide access to a large library of clinical videos to help simply illustrate key points.

  • Our IF course participants can participate in our revision programmes to keep up with the newest developments in Strategic Cortico Basal Implantology. All former IF Course participants will be added to a WhatsApp group administered by the IF's mentors, where information on the revision programme will be released from time to time.

  • Each doctor is encouraged to bring a case to review with our faculty. We will be happy to do a quick review with you and the class. We welcome doctors to incorporate their own cases into the live-surgical add-on portion of our implant continuum.

  • During the Implant Workshop, we will also be holding a parallel session for dental lab technicians to train them in the laboratory techniques in Strategic Implantology. Doctors who wish to train their technicians are most welcome to bring their technicians for training. Prior booking of seats is essential as there are limited seats available for this program.

  • Yes, once you have taken the course, we offer multiple advanced courses that will teach a wide variety of new skills, helping to broaden your knowledge and take your expertise to the next level. Read more about Workshop on Crestal Series of Strategic Implants, IF Workshop on Immediate Loading Implantology and IF Master Courses on the courses page of this website.

  • Participants who have completed the IF Course will be eligible to write an examination that will facilitate them to receive the "Clinical Mastership in Immediate Loading" from the International Implant Foundation, Germany. Read more about the course page.